Rafael Barrios on Park Avenue, NYC: 9 Monumental Sculptures

Starting March 1st, 9 monumental sculptures will be exhibited on Park Avenue, NYC. The Studio has a very short time frame (2 mnths) to realize & also install them! The pieces are made of stainless Steel & then sprayed with polyurethane paint in various colors. Rafael and Olivier with the 9 mock-ups.

Rafael and Olivier with the 9 mock-ups.

Rafael Barrios, Mali Parkerson, Olivier, Georgina Chumaceiro

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Idan Zareski “Big Foot”: Molding and Casts

Olivier met Idan during Art Basel Miami Beach 2011, a collaboration was born! “Big Foot” was shown during an exhibit and had great success. So Idan ordered 2 casts of his monumental piece “Big Foot” to the studio. We are now making the mold and the casts are on their way. One will be shown during Art Monaco (April 5-8).

Silicon Skin

Silicon Skin                                 Plaster shell and metal frame

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